United Barbet Club

The François Menard Versatility Award was established in 2017 by the United Barbet Club in appreciation of Mr. Menard’s efforts in promoting the Barbet as a trainable, versatile companion capable of earning titles in a variety of different events.  

Mr. Menard’s willingness to travel and go above and beyond with his Barbet has led to greater recognition of the breed in both the United States and Canada. His work for the breed is memorable and greatly appreciated by the club as a foundational starting point for the rest of the Barbet community to follow. Earning the first group placement with a Barbet at Premier, winning the first Canadian UKC Best in Show, earning titles in Rally and Obedience, and promoting the breed with joie de vivre are just a few of his accomplishments. Wherever they appear, François and Bosch are a true team.

The purpose of this award is to recognize each Barbet whose owners, by their participation in UKC events, encourage the positive promotion of the Barbet and highlight this wonderful breed’s versatility.  The award consists of a certificate issued by the United Barbet Club.

This award is open to any Barbet registered with UKC whose owner is in good standing with the UKC.

Certificates will be awarded after the application form has been received by the UBC along with copies of the three applicable title certificates supporting the individual dog’s achievement.

To qualify for the François Menard Award, a Barbet must earn a minimum of three titles from three different UKC events.  Titles from the following events are accepted:


Hunt Tests

Rally Obedience



Lure Coursing

Drag Racing,

Dock Diving


Weight Pull

Barn Hunt  

At this time the SPOT (Socialized Pet Obedience Test) title although applauded by the UBC will not count as one of the three different titles required.

Questions and submissions can be directed to the UBC’s secretary, Angie Tena, who will arrange for the Award Certificate to be produced. 

François Menard Versatility Award